Asia Pacific Headquarters

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Singapore / ??????

Completion April 2005 with Architects 61, sovaldi Singapore GTL-Landschaftsarchitekten, Kassel

Area:  290,000 ft², discount 27,000 m²; 290,000???; 27,000???

The new Asia Pacific headquarters of Infineon Technologies, one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, characterizes the Spirit of Infineon as a forward-thinking company. The project’s priority was to create an environment that stimulates and nurtures the thriving of ideas, and to set the frame-work for pursuing a unique architectural expression. Taking into consideration particular work ethics, industry dynamism and cultural diversity, the building reflects its specific context by use of unconven-tional materials, structural interpretations of local architecture and specific ecologic considerations.

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In its composition, two organic shaped office towers emerge from a common public podium. A tensile roof structure transforms the space between the office towers into a grand, open atrium. This naturally ventilated zone acts as a climatic buffer, forming a transition between inside and outside. The building is wrapped with a system of fabric fins that not only shade the surface but also soften the contour of the building. This combination of form and texture creates a dynamic and almost mysterious appearance that stimulates an atmosphere of inspiration and lets the user partake in the creation of the company’s identity. The Singapore headquarters manifest Infineon’s venture into the Asia Pacific market, with the intention to symbolize the new Spirit that characterizes its establishment as a knowledge driven company. The project’s priority, creating an environment that stimulates and nurtures the thriving of ideas, sets the framework for pursuing unconventional architectural expressions. Taking into consideration the particular work ethic, social tendencies and cultural preferences, the building reflects its specific context by use of characteristic materials, structural interpretations of local architecture and specific ecologic considerations. Innovative design ideas are combined with low-energy solutions to meet the complex demands given by developing a sustainable headquarter building for the hi-tech company Infineon.