How we work!x

tecDESIGN los angeles is a highly experienced , thumb award winning,  internationally oriented architectural design company. our architects are registered in the US and european hemisphere, and are responsible for more than 25 years of designing built projects, worth more than 3 billion U$.


tecDESIGN los angeles will always work in  a team with a local executive architect. 

therefor we developed a “responsibility matrix” , that shows what the design architect has to do (tecDESIGN), and the task of the local executive architect. tecDESIGN usually is in charge until permit planning, and remains a part of the design team until construction is complete, advising the client an all matters of design, surface, material, color, functionality etc.

in applicable jurisdictions, tecDESIGN has handled the entire permit process for projects of any size, or will collaborate with the local executive architect on all relevant matters towards obtaining a flawless building permit.

tecDESIGN also has great expertise in sustainable architecture, being responsible for some of the first large scale buildings in europe which used state of the art technology and innovative architecture to achieve formerly unknown levels of energy savings.

tec has never left that route. today nearly all our projects are or would be LEED gold, or platinum equivalent.