button_block_questionsQ:  Will people from tecDESIGN be available for local meetings and presentations?

A:  yes. determined on a meaningful scheduled basis, help and size of project.  we will however always be available to present the design ideas to the client- wherever that may be- and we believe to have an excellent track record with our design presentations- usually done by our ceo and head of design sebastian knorr.

Q:  Which projects are of interest for tecDESIGN?

 A:  all projects that have the ambition from being better than average, drugstore to being under the most outstanding worldwide. for international projects , there is a minimum fee commensurate with a 3 mill. U$ project size.


Q:  What project types do you specialize in?

A:  throughout the last ca 20 years tecDESIGN has been responsible for projects that vary from luxury residential, residential multi family, luxury and designer hotels, masterplans , large scale office headquarters, commercial- mixed use buildings, historic presrvation projects, industrial buildings, large scale semiconductor fabrication facilities, highrise buildings, interiors and furnitures etc…


Q:  Which size projects does tecDESIGN do?

A:  Our project range goes from more than $1billion construction cost through masterplans, through midsize hotel and mixed use buildings, down to ambitious villas and multi family homes, where we usually also design the interiors.

Q:  What projects are tecDESIGN currently working on?

A:  currently we are working on a variety of projects. designer hotels, luxury residences on any scale, multi family developments and luxury high rise, historic presrvation projects, as well as mixed use developments.  the remodel of a 14th century pallazzo on the canale grande in venice, italy into luxury residences, and the new “kameha grand “ hotel in zurich, ch a 250 room state of the art designer hotel, – a brand we helped to create (http://www.kamehagrandzuerich.com) – will be the next finished large scale project by tec, opening in 2015.


Q:  Does tecDESIGN offer only architectural design ?

A:  Depending on when we join a project, we usually help the client creating a vision for the project, even before the first design drawings. through our long experience with outstanding projects all over the world we can bring our creativity towards branding, functionalities, programming and even financing, and feasibility. currently tecDESIGN is also charged with creating complete design, architectural and visionary concepts for new hotel groups. as an example, the world famous multiple award winning “kameha group” has been conceived with the creative input form tecDESIGN from the beginning.


Q:  Why should i work with tecDESIGN los angeles?

 A:  Work with tecDESIGN because you will receive a state-of-the-art project on the highest creative design level, earning global recognition, paired with outstanding functionality, sustainabilty, and efficiency. in short: we strive for an outstanding client experience.


Q: Do tecDESIGN projects cost more than “regular projects”?

A:  We are no strangers to budgets and schedules, and know through our extensive design an construction experience, what makes building expensive or time consuming. most of our clients are commercial developers, who charge us with the task of staying comparable to other projects of the similar nature. we can “design – to -cost” and have an excellent track record of staying in budget, even sometimes identifying additional savings through creative design solutions.  however, we also have a track record of designing buildings to look more expensive than they actually were.