Tower Garden

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Garden Tower

Abu Dhabi 1tecDESIGN was incited to participate in this short-list competition for a German House multi-use high-rise tower in Abu Dhabi.  tecDESIGN placed second overall.

Form and function being the foundation of every design, sales whether in a technical or in a creative sense. We add friendship for this project as we see the German House Abu Dhabi also as an inter-cultural communication tool.

A project that brings together orient and occident, thumb by supporting interaction on all levels, like Communication, trade, cultural exchange, or offering a port of call for German companies and Individuals. Likewise “The Haus” will spotlight a modern and progressive view of Germany as a partner and friend.

As the cultures of the world fuse in Abu Dhabi burgeoning metropolis, the German Center will emerge as the embodiment of German progressiveness and modernity. Implementing “Green Design,” passive and active solar energy generation, complex spatial organization and a multitude of uses.

Simple in its structure, and highly effective as a space layout, the new German Center, “the HAUS” is also economically feasible, as it keeps construction cost competitive as well as space usage and scalability effective.


Urban Design Integration

Set in the first line of the beautiful Corniche, facing the ocean, the German Center pays precise attention to it’s surroundings.

The views are focused in two ways: from the ocean, you see an iconographic, optimistic , technologically far advanced building,- an icon of modernity, and a testimony to a modern green and sustainable architecture. When in the building, nearly every space is focused towards the main view – the Corniche and the Ocean.

The project respects the view lines of the Royal Meridien Hotel, as well as setting another high point in th eAbu Dhabi skyline.